About Us

From its inception, Rapid Products Group has endeavored to provide it’s customers with fast, simple, portable, and most of all affordable watering systems.  Our Rapid Rain automatic watering systems are proudly designed, developed, and manufactured in our Oklahoma-based facility. Our products are created for easy set-up, operation, and maintenance. We believe our Rapid Rain systems provide a unique solution to a common problem-cost effective watering for yards, horse arenas, gardens, sports fields, and much more. The Rapid Rain line of automatic watering systems was created with simplicity, durability, and cost savings in mind after years of testing and development..

With the best customer service in the industry, we invite you to compare.  Give us a call and let our knowledgeable staff help you in choosing a Rapid Rain system that fits your needs. With years of experience in the irrigation industry, our staff will explain to you why Rapid Rain is “Your Watering Solution.”