Does my Rapid Rain™ sprinkler require a special hose or attachment to the faucet?

No. Rapid Rain™ sprinklers work with any standard outdoor faucets and common 5/8” or ¾” garden hoses. We recommend using ¾” garden hose for any lengths greater than 50 ft. We offer ¾” commercial grade hose in our online store.

What range of pressure is required for my Rapid Rain™ traveling sprinkler?

The minimum pressure we recommend is 35 psi for the 625 model and 40 psi for the 860 model, and the maximum is approximately 95 psi. While the machines may run outside of these ranges, the sprinkler performance under 35-40 psi is not acceptable in most cases. The typical use range is between 45 and 75 psi.

If your pressure is below the minimum level:

Try to shorten your supply hose length by getting closer to the water source.
Use a 3/4” supply hose instead of a 5/8” hose. (See our on-line store)
Use a small boost pump system. (See our on-line store)
If you are using a well system, and the pressure is not constant, the well is probably cycling on and off. A Cycle Stop Valve™ may help in these situations. Rapid Rain™ works best when it is supplied with constant pressure from the well. (See our on-line store)

My Rapid Rain™ sprinkler is moving too slow or too fast. What should I do?

Speed control is a function of water flow through the Rapid Rain™ turbine and our special gearbox.

To adjust the flow through the turbine: Adjust your speed control valve. Small adjustments in this valve position make significant speed changes.

To adjust the gearing: Rapid Rain™ models are specifically geared for different speed requirements. Arena models have our high speed gearing for dust suppression and move at a fast pace. The lawn and garden models have our low speed gearing for slow deep watering, and move at a slow pace. The great design of the Rapid Rain™ allows you to change gearing within a few minutes by ordering an optional drive system which gives you two machines in one!

My Rapid Rain™ is not moving. How do I get it to rewind?

Make sure that the water source is turned all the way on, and the shut-off valve handle is up in the open position.

  • Make sure that the drive is moved forward (run position) and is engaged with the drum gear (drum should not free-spin).
  • Check to see if the cart is obstructed by something.
  • Check the filter in the inlet fitting. Clean if necessary.
  • Make sure that the pressure gauge on the Rapid Rain™ reads at least 40 psi.

What if the hose is hard to pull out?

Make sure the drive is moved back in the disengaged position (drum free-spins). Sometimes the hose may become tangled on the drum, and over-wrapped with other hose. This is fixed by pulling all of the hose carefully off the drum (slow pull), and let the Rapid Rain™ rewind the hose while watering. This will correct that problem.

Can I pull part of the hose out, or do I need to pull all of the hose off the drum prior to running my Rapid Rain™?

The Rapid Rain™ performs best when all or nearly all of the hose is pulled out. If hose is left on the drum, make sure these hose wraps are tight and straight on the drum before starting the system.

Can the Rapid Rain™ work on rough or uneven surfaces?

Yes. The Rapid Rain™ sprinkler cart can travel over rough uneven surfaces. It works equally well on smooth turf, rough pasture areas, or soft arena footing. It is important to keep the Rapid Rain™ machine level, but the hose and cart can be used on hilly/uneven terrain.

Do I have to winterize my Rapid Rain™ System?

Yes. Like all machines that use water, the Rapid Rain™ must be winterized/drained in a few key areas before freezing weather occurs.

  • Disconnect your garden hose that is attached to the Rapid Rain™.
  • Unplug the Quick Disconnect at the drum, and drain the water from the hose and drive system. This is completed by holding the hose below the drive system. Leave disconnected.
  • Turn the speed control valve to a partially open position. Do not leave closed!
  • Open shut-off valve and turn cart over on its side to drain. Turn cart back upright, and leave shut-off valve open.

Another option to winterize/drain machine is to blow the water out with an air compressor using our air hose fitting that attaches to the inlet of the machine. See our on-line store for the fitting.

Where can I obtain spare parts?

You can contact us through our website, or give us a call at (888) 822-3204

When I unpacked my Rapid Rain™ there was a small amount of water in the box. Why?

All Rapid Rain™ units are tested for 100% quality control. As a result, some residual water may be left in the drive system.